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Thank you to my friends!

Thanks to all of you who showed up and offered your heartfelt feedback on the latest version of the documentary film about addiction, I Will be a Sister to You. I came away with several game-changing 'ah-ha's' and know my 'BIG' work is still in front of me.

In this photo most of you have raised your hand when asked if you know someone dealing with issues around addiction. This is a BIG topic that impacts our community and it is important to tear it apart and figure out how we can help.

Your feedback drove home what this film needs to be based on my own personal journey. And that's just it, since I have a family full of addicts who are a different stages of the disease, my experience will help others.

I have decided to change the focus from my Sister's Story to My Story. So yes, BIG changes are ahead as this story unfolds from my personal experiences as a sibling, daughter and friend to many who have and are struggling with addiction. Stay tuned!

It is you all who make my life so full. Thank you all for your support and love!

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