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Serial Season 3 • Too close to home!

I just started to listen to Serial Season 3, "these extraordinary stories about ordinary cases from a year inside a typical American courthouse" and was blown away by how similar these episodes are to the situation I described in my last post.

The court system, the addiction treatment system, the mental health support system, the 'system' of systems for that matter (heavy sigh)... is simply a big harry monster for those of us looking at them from the outside.

This documentary has forced me to look at things I would rather ignore. It has forced me to recognize that there are no simple answers to the three original questions that started me on this journey - what happened to my sister, could I have done something more to prevent her death and what went wrong in our health care support system that she quietly and anonymously slipped away?

Tomorrow, I will call the public defenders office in the tiny town where my close relative is held in county jail with a new perspective thanks to these extraordinary stories from Serial. Amazing, astonishing and compelling work as always.

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