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'I Will be a Sister to You' made the cut!!

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The introductory trailer for 'I Will be a Sister to You' will be premiered at MOCA's second annual 5 Minute Film Fest.

Please join me (Susan Frank) for the screening of my documentary along with 26 other films selected by a panel of judges.

I have been thinking about filmmaking for almost 20 years. Finally, I'm taking the plunge with the debut of a documentary about a very personal subject, that being the death of my sister, Sharon Sweeney. This paragraph is taken from the film synopsis written about a month ago:

"As in any loss, my sister’s sweet smile and good intentions linger in my memory along with unanswered questions about her death due to a prescription drug overdose. I have been resigned to leave this quiet tragedy untouched without lessons learned or regrets resolved. But lately, with the current swell of interest around the opioid epidemic, I am compelled to revisit her death with a more urgent mission in mind. I am not sure if I could I have done something more to prevent her death or if there were gross errors made in our health system that let her slip away, but I believe it is worth a closer look."

Photo of me (Susan) and my older sister (Sharon) in 1970.

"This journey has just begun", are the words you will see at the very end of the 5 Minute Trailer submitted to MOCA. Although the above statement still applies, I realize now that I and we are in for a very emotional and unpredictable journey. In just under one month the relationships with my family have changed as related to the work from this film. Conversations have opened up to new information about my sister's death and a new commitment about helping other family members who suffer from addiction have arisen.

Please join me and MOCA on May 24 to check out the beginning of this journey. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans know someone addicted to opioids, so I guess you will probably relate to some aspect of this film.

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