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Alumni Workshop hosted by Sierra Tucson presents: “We Are All Peanut M&M's”

Last night, as part of my research for this documentary, I attended the first workshop related to addiction in over 20 years. Hosted by Sierra Tucson at the Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa, I recalled that this was the treatment center where, as a twenty-something, I was invited to participate in family support sessions for my siblings over a stretch of difficult years. The memories poured in.

Two things struck me...

1) Although this workshop was intended for family members and patient alumni, when addicts are present, the focus is on addiction. And this is understandable, as addiction is the disease that needs immediate treatment. But I did not leave this workshop with any new tools in how to address the questions of this film - which as a reminder are:

• Could I have done something more for my sister?

• Were there untapped resources available that could have possibly prevented her death?

2) This disease has no bias. The group who attended included people from every possible demographic and all where clearly humbled by the devastating affects addiction.

Thank you to Sierra Tucson and all treatment centers and professionals who have helped addicts and their families.

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